Frequently Asked Questions about CESTA's festivals

1. What are the parameters for participation in CESTA's international arts festival of interdisciplinary collaborations?
Every final presentation, exhibition or performance must include more than one person, more than one nationality, and more than one artistic medium. Each presentation, exhibition or performance must be created exclusively for the festival. Applicants must have prior experience in artistic collaboration.

2. What do we mean by "international", "interdisciplinary", and "collaboration?"
Communication and exchange between countries and cultures, artistic disciplines, ideas and ways of working.

3. How do we select a theme for the festival and why do we choose a different one each year?
We try to select topics, (of which there are countless), that are socially challenging yet open to interpretation.

4. When and how do artists find out about the festival application process?
We distribute press information each November to a wide network of international and national contacts, but the easiest way to find out is to visit our website or contact us by mail.

5. How do we form collaboration groups?
Some accepted applicants apply already fitting the parameters. Others we join together in our application review and selection process. Groups begin collaboration off-site, upon notification of acceptance, either in person or via correspondence. The CESTA facility is available for them to work on-site as of August 1st.

6. What can one expect to see at the festival?
One may see innovative, experimental and challenging artworks, ideas and processes, alongside more traditional forms of art making. We encourage all participants and audiences to expand their boundaries.