August Program

1. Train Station Tábor  8:30 pm  free of charge and open to the public
Eleanor Dubinsky (US) : multimedia performance / installation
Title : Transit
A site-specific dance, video and sound performance by choreographer and multimedia artist Eleanor Dubinsky (New York, New York USA). Transit transforms the passageway in the Tábor Train Station into an interactive international transit zone. Projected video images and live performers mix with sounds from metro and train stations, airports and airplanes into a hybrid world of languages and cultures. Transit provokes audience members to interact with the environment and one another, navigating the nature and infrastructure of New York, Prague, and Tábor in a search for endless transition.

Artistic Director and Choreographer: Eleanor Dubinsky
Sound Collected and Compiled by: Eleanor Dubinsky
Sound Design and Original Music: César Alvarez
Video: Eleanor Dubinsky and Ani Weinstein
Performed by: Federica Antonelli (I), Paola Carlucci (I), Ani Weinstein (US), and Eleanor Dubinsky (US)
Costumes: the performers
Technical Assistance: CESTA

Transit made possible in part through the sponsorship of Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, NYC ( and The Field, NYC (

1. - 15. Various locations in Tábor
Trigger Happy & Performing Apes (S) [Group members: Carolina Hellsgård, Mattias Ljungström, Carina Thorén] : fanzine preparation
"This project is about the production of a fanzine (a photocopied black and white booklet), in which we will investigate the relationship and the connections between CESTA and the people of Tábor. Our idea is to do a visual/graphic sort of genealogical table; an illustrated chart of human relationships, starting with CESTA and leading to the town."

1. - 28. Vein of the Sky
Butoh contemporary Japanese dance workshop led by Ryuzo Fukuhara (JAP)

6. Orion Music Club   9 pm     entrance 30 Kè
Vialka (F/CAN) : concert
Title : Videalka Satellite
Vialka concerto for baritone guitar, percussion, and voice

Eè (CZ) : concert
Some of the members have such opinions, questions and thought streams:
a beauty is addictive
to break a stone with a fist? don't know.
flow! and it's not an order.
every freakiness is genius.
how can you say the intelligence level connects with the closeness to an astral surface (field)
a definition of a very short moment - 1 beforewould
the normal ash does not spring
the stone is always against water

15. CESTA    6 pm

Trigger Happy & Performing Apes (S) [Group members: Carolina Hellsgård, Mattias Ljungström, Carina Thorén] : fanzine presentation (see August 15 description)
(4 - 8 pm)


Sonja Lebo¹ (HR) : performative and interactive installation and text
Title : Marginal Position-ing
This work aims to penetrate the peripheral spaces of the environment in Tábor and Cesta - to communicate the marginalized feeling and to investigate the realm of marginal perception in general.


Toert (A) & Xingxing (A) : body-performance, sound, images, installation
Title : wobbling babe
The body of a woman - captured between physical reality and projections. Her body is not a unit anymore; it is dismembered into single parts. First speechless, she finds words again and starts to raise her voice.
(6:30, 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30 pm)
All events on the 15th wil take place in and around CESTA. Our Garden Bar will be open for refreshments during the evening.

20. Club Garage   9 pm    entrance 30 Kè
Alex ©vamberk (CZ), Ryuzo Fukuhara (JAP), Pavlina Medunová (CZ) : theater, music and performance
Title : Ultra Violent Communication Breakdown
This piece intends to explore what can be created in a group full of tension and misunderstandings due to a clash of egos. What happens when people enter a group, not with the intention to collaborate, but rather each with the desire to rule the group and push her/his own ideas?


Ooff Ouro (I) & Gregory Petitqueux (F): dance and video performance
Title : Au.Bo meet Gramma
A two-part performance in which a sound and body movement composition in real time develops and then fades into a visual composition where video takes the place of the body.

Gramma : 2004, color video, Stop motion film, approx. 60min.
Written by Gregory Petitqueux (F) and Tuia Cherici (I).
Creation, editing and sound: Gregory Petitqueux
Collaboration in the creation: Tuia Cherici
Digital video effects: Simone Lecca
Independent production. Film entirely self-produced and created over a four year period in a room of 21 sq. meters with a video camera, a microphone, a computer for audio/video editing, and extensive knickknacks.

Gramma is a puppet of iron, wood and bolts. He lives among bizarre fauna in a deserted, sterile and arid world beneath a cloudless sky. In this desolate land, signs and traces of a long lost civilization have survived. Even the astronomical configuration of this environment seems to have been disturbed: the night begins when the moon covers the sun and ends when it departs. Every evening, when the eclipse creates a tempest of lethal and unnatural light, Gramma darts home seeking refuge. There he waits, in his laboratory, for the cataclysm to pass and the night to arrive, finally to proceed in the creation of his projects...

Definition of the word Gramma:
(from the Greek - gramma, from gràphein 'to write') suffix which, in compound terms, signifies 'dispatch', 'communication' (phonogram, telegram) or 'graphic' (cardiogram).
in French grammar, from the Latin gramma 'small weight', from the Greek 'gràmma', literally 'alphabetical letter', from gràphein 'to write', carried over into medical terminology in order to indicate a slight quantity


28. Tábor's main square (®i¾kovo námesti) & CESTA
(The first of today's presentations starts at ®i¾kovo námesti at 5 pm. All others follow at CESTA beginning at 6 pm.)

Biliana Velkova (BG/CAN) & Swing Band Tábor (CZ) : marching band parade and performance
The parade will begin at 5 pm on Tábor's main square (®i¾kovo námesti) and end with a fanfare performance at CESTA's Divadlo Jo.


Sven Eggers (D) & Peter Imig (D) : sound installation
Title : Vasion Tábor
A composition for 5 sine tones. The frequencies were taken from the Roman alphabet in correspondence to its numerical sequence (e.g. C=3, E=5). The basic frequency (109.19 Hz) is a mathematically constructed octave to the frequency "ten years."


Doris Deninger (A) & Silke Maier (A) : visual sound installation and performance
Title : moments/ before action
moments shift thoughts.
one moment - you hear a dog which wants to get
outside. that strange howling, whining sound that
isn´t easy to ignore.
another moment - you are watching children throwing
stones into a river. one by one: picking up - striking
out - throwing in - dropping...
what´s the effect on reality within moments?


Katerina Soukup (CAN) & Jayson Kunnuk (Inuit/CAN) : sound installation
Title : Nipi | Zvuk | Sound
Using an array of specialized microphones (hydrophone, binaurals, parabolic mic, etc.) and experimental audio recording techniques, Kunnuk and Soukup propose to capture and create on-site "phonographies" - experimental audio portraits- of various locations in the Czech Republic, including Tábor. These phonographies will then be built into a sound installation for public presentation at CESTA.


Vein of the Sky workshop final presentation: Butoh contemporary Japanese dance performance featuring Sabina Vrbková (CZ) and Ryuzo Fukuhara (JAP)

Ongoing all of August

Exhibition at 6. Elementary School Tábor
Artists' paintings from 1997 Forbidden Fruits festival (NL)

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