July Program

1. - 31. Kinokavárna Svět
Martin Procházka (CZ) : exhibition of photographs
Title: Retrospektif Motif

1. - 31. Antikvariát Bastion
Maki (F) : exhibition of photographs
Portraits of musicians and composers from lesser-known musical genres (electroacoustic, free jazz, etc....)

4. Orion Music Club  10 pm
Freewomension Disco (US/CAN) : dance party
with dj mc-čka lexička, dj míčka and dj-ka da'hil
Come Ride the Waves....

entrance 25 Kč

11. Žižkovo náměsti  6 pm
Kačkala (US/CZ) and COW (D) : concert
A little bit of country and a big surprise...

entrance by donation

15. Café Bar Sedm  8 pm
Nico Poisson (F) : concert
live guitar, drums and loops
one man from Lyon's live rock 'n roll show featuring NED's guitarist


Sabine Marte (A) : video and performance
"An interaction between me as a performer and the visual and audio material I am using to create inputs that I manipulate, disturb, support, ignore, etc."


Doris Deninger (A) : video screening
Title: 3 short cuts (2000 - 2004)
"3 short cuts. swimming back, rolling down, spitting on the floor - embrace. you don´t know, can never be sure what´s coming up: next. beware the dog."

entrance by donation

16. Excursion around Tábor to view all exhibitions up for July  5 pm
Beginning at 5pm at Antikvariát Bastion (Maki [F]) and continuing on to Trafačka u Střelnice (Roman Franta [CZ]), 6. Základní Škola (Forbidden Fruits [NL]), and ending with a reception at Kinokavárna Svět (Martin Procházka [CZ]) and music by Ywána Kubešová

17. Orion Music Club  9 pm
The ARGOT NOTES [Thomas Kumlehn (D), Matt Black (UK), Sean Burn (UK), David Pitt (UK) and Guy Cooper (UK)]: poetry/sound performance including the exhibition "Voodoodoll" by Sean Burn
Title : "The Stutterers´ Song, Part II"
Two poets together with three musicians performing not so much literature as live text ... to create a complex cityscape, revealing the undercurrents and secrets we pass in the urban environment every day. Featuring voice and live music, against a soundtrack, that ranges from the beautiful to the ridiculous using interviews, street sounds, overheard conversations and the noise of machinery to create a background for the peculiar, urgent messages of those excluded from the city's functions and the city's wealth.


Einleitungszeit (CZ/SK) : concert

entrance 30 Kč

18. CESTA/Divadlo Jo  8 pm
Sisygambis [Nchan Manoyan and Christine Coulange] (F) : video screening
Title : "Virtual Encounters Along the Silk Road"
Visual samples collected during an expedition across central and oriental Asia, through Buddhist and Muslim civilizations.
Contemporary explorers, Nchan Manoyan and Christine Coulange, equipped with digital gear, were imbued with singing, stares, the dust of Peshawar, the desert of Xinjiang or the oasis city of Kashgar.
When back to the loneliness of the studio, it was time to weave and paste in order to create parallel stories between sound and image. The filtered memory of everlasting composition becomes the sensitive thread that ties the artists' universe to the object of their emotions.

"Depending on where you stand, the world seems different."
- Christine Coulange

30. Train Station Tábor  8:30 pm  free of charge and open to the public
Eleanor Dubinsky (US) : multimedia performance / installation
Title : Transit
A site-specific dance, video and sound performance by choreographer and multimedia artist Eleanor Dubinsky (New York, New York USA). Transit transforms the passageway in the Tábor Train Station into an interactive international transit zone. Projected video images and live performers mix with sounds from metro and train stations, airports and airplanes into a hybrid world of languages and cultures. Transit provokes audience members to interact with the environment and one another, navigating the nature and infrastructure of New York, Prague, and Tábor in a search for endless transition.

Artistic Director and Choreographer: Eleanor Dubinsky
Sound Collected and Compiled by: Eleanor Dubinsky
Sound Design and Original Music: César Alvarez
Video: Eleanor Dubinsky and Ani Weinstein
Performed by: Federica Antonelli (I), Paola Carlucci (I), Ani Weinstein (US), and Eleanor Dubinsky (US)
Costumes: the performers
Technical Assistance: CESTA

Transit made possible in part through the sponsorship of Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, NYC (www.harvestworks.org) and The Field, NYC (www.thefield.org).

31. CESTA/Divadlo Jo  6:30 pm  entrance by donation
Allison Spector (US) : movement and video performance
Title : Work...
"A movement and visual piece [representing] my response to the crises of gentrification and the prison industrial complex in the U.S."


Train Station Tábor  8:30 pm
Eleanor Dubinsky (US) [with Ani Weinstein (US), Frederica Antonelli (I) and Paola Carlucci (I)] : multimedia performance / installation (see description for July 30)

Ongoing all of July

Exhibition at 6. Elementary School Tábor
Artists' paintings from 1997 Forbidden Fruits festival (NL)

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