June Program

Tuesday 1st - Monday 7th
Nicholas Magner (IRL) and Josephine Spak (A) : "ceramic" installation and video
Title : "Na cestě"
Installation in various locations in old town, ongoing for entire festival. Video documentary shot during the project will be screened in September.
How does an international art center relate to its' indigenous audience?
Where does this happen? Does it happen and in which moments did it happen?
Using local, traditional ceramics and video interviews done in Tábor, we pose two questions to the audience: Who is CESTA? and What is CESTA?

Thursday 3rd - Wednesday 30th
Vodárenská Věľ (Water Tower Gallery)
- Photographs and video footage from CESTA's past activities
- Posters of the Water Tower Gallery's past activities
- Alex ©vamberk (CZ) : photographs
  Title : "CESTA vody"
The floods that hit Bohemia in 2002 influenced CESTA's life and the festival preparations. The photos represent the participant's point of view. Some of the photos were exhibited at Unijazz during the Alternativa 2002 festival.
Exhibition Opening June 3rd with:
5 - 7pm : music by Nawura (CZ) and refreshments
7pm : OPA [Slobodanka Stevceska & Denis Saraginovski] (MK) : video screening
          Title : "Ddevice"
With the help of clues and evidence found in Macedonia, in September 2003 OPA started a trip from Macedonia to Estonia in search of a mysterious alchemical device. Many people from the Estonian village Mooste and from other regions helped them in their research.

Friday 4th, Saturday 5th, and Sunday 6th
Divadlo Jo - CESTA
8pm - inkBoat [w/ Yuko Kaseki, Shinichi MOMO Koga and Marc Ates] (JAP/US/D) : dance theater
Title : "Ame to Ame"
In the Japanese written language, meaning is derived from thousands of pictorial characters called Kanji. The sound "Ah-mei" can mean "candy" or "rain" depending on the Kanji chosen.
Koga and Kaseki dance two "meanings" that combine to create either harmony or discord. The dancers embody elements with same sounding Japanese words that translate to "ocean or birth", "butterfly or intestine", "stone or mind" or English words such as "pair" or "pare" or "pear." Contrary meanings fuel a struggle between bodies falling in and out of synch with each other.

Entrance by donation

Saturday 26th
Lake Jordán
Celebration for Peripheral Visions at Lake Jordán Beach
1 - 4 pm - children's games (presented by Do Fantazie 4), "beach" contests, raffle, and WET T-SHIRT CONTEST
5 pm - Tarapaka Jazz (CZ) - music
6 pm - Sabot (US) - music
7 pm - Duo Alča a Alča (CZ) - oriental dance
7:30 pm - C (CZ) - music
8:30 pm - Duo Alča a Alča (CZ) - oriental dance
8:45 pm - Hot-air balloon launch
9 pm - Some Other Place (CZ) and Ryuzo Fukuhara (JAP) - music and Buto dance performance
10 pm - fireworks show

Entrance Kč 80,-
In case of rain please call (420)381-258-004

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