September Program


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1. - 7. JČE Switching Station at Děkanska street
Roman Franta (CZ) : Acrylic mural painting
Title : Lovely Group
A collection of bugs painted with the flag colors of the countries represented by the artists participating in CESTA's ten-year anniversary Summer.

1. - 7. JČE Switching Station at Špitálská street
Tracy Lisk (US) : acrylic and oil-based paint on external wall for a permanent image
Title : Composition
A mural designed to engage the citizens of Tábor and provide a continuous visual exposure to public art. To create an interest in visual art through the exposure of the painting process.
The image will consist of local details and textures of Tábor based on memory and descriptions from passing individuals.

Mural unveiling with reception and refreshments Sunday, September 12 at 5 pm

1. - 19. Old Town Square
Dva a jedan (One but Two) [Svetlana Blagojević (YU) and Elizabeth Saint-Jalmes (F)] : performance, events and projections
Title : Spiraling artctions
"We are going to create events based on the relationships between life, art, artists and public. Our purpose deals with art and life, creation depending on life. We are going to invite people to talk and play with us in actions that attempt to create poetic links between beings."

5. CESTA  9 pm
First screening from the 4-part film series 'Deliria - The surreal, the absract and the trance-like in horror cinema' curated by Matt Warren (AUS)
Main Feature : "Death Bed" Dir. George Barry, USA 1977
Starring Demene Hall, Julie Ritter
A bizarre, supernatural black comedy (perhaps unintentionally), about a demonic, man-eating bed in a strange abandoned house. This low-budget, psychedelic oddity is delirious in its plot, style, acting and aesthetics. Must be seen to be believed.
80 mins. English language, Czech subtitles.

Video Short : "I Miss You" Dir. Matt Warren, Australia 1998
Starring Mark Cornelius, Dianna Graf
This is a meditation on loneliness to the point of madness. Set in a car on a rainy night, the protagonists seem to react to no one.
9 mins. No dialogue.
Death Bed
Death Bed
Death Bed

This series will run every Sunday in September beginning at 9 pm at CESTA. Each film will be preceded by a selection of short films and videos. See specific program date for details. Matt Warren will be available to field questions and present the films as of Sunday September 12, 2004. Membership cards (good for the whole series) are required to attend the film series, and are available at CESTA prior to each screening for a one-time fee of 10 Kč. Films 20 Kč.

Curatorial premise:
The films in this series all have one thing in common; they have a delirious quality, despite their individual styles. When looking at these films you may ask yourself is the director a complete hack, a drug fiend or a visionary genius? Or perhaps all of the above?

The films were chosen because their logic is skewed, their styles are virtually dripping with hysterical tension and the actors seem to be direct from a nightmare or speaking aloud their own psychosis.

I have long been interested in horror films, due mainly to the fact that they tap into a very primal emotion; fear. Eventually, the 'scare factor' was lacking or simply predictable. The films in this series may not be altogether 'scary', (although in parts they are), but what fascinates me is the atmosphere is always slightly alien. Close enough to reality to be familiar and yet 'not quite right' enough to be really disturbing.

I hope this fascinates you as well. Welcome to my nightmare.
Matt Warren
Hobart, Australia August 2004

Sue Hajdu (AUS) : photomedia
Title : 1956: desire and the unknowable
"1956: desire and the unknowable is my first artistic response to photographs that my father took in Budapest during the Hungarian Uprising of October 1956. It emerges from my position as a member of the Hungarian diaspora (born and raised in Australia) - whereby my very existence and identity as diaspora owes itself to an historical event that I am unable to lay claim to. The work traces tensions that are created by the desire for a lived historical reality in diasporic longing and nostalgia, in positivist history-making and in demands put on the photograph to serve as unmediated historical evidence.
The work consists of a grid of 133 9x9cm black and white photographs that have been produced through a process of extreme enlargement, cropping and re-photographing of my father's original images. Selenium toner further draws detail out of the images, resulting in dark and ghostly 'scenes' that promise, but ultimately deny coherence and clarity.

(Exhibition open also Saturday 12,00-18,00 and Sunday 12,00-16,00.)


Matt Warren (AUS) : video and sound installation
Title : The Angels are Coming (2004)
An experience in light and sound. Almost like a signal in dark waters, sometimes you see something out of the corner of your eye. Sometimes you see something that is not what it seems to be. In a dark space, the flickering 'angels' begin appearing. They bring with them a sound. They group together and interact. They travel over the texture of the space, as if investigating their surroundings. What do they want? Is it a warning? Where am I? What day is it? They leave one by one, only to return again.

and at midnight

The Three (CZ) : Ritualistic industrial performance act
As Czech ambient-industrial pioneers, The Three has developed works that foresaw and predestined the musical algorithms and the development of not just the Czech but also the industrial scenes. Their re-appearance in Tábor after nearly a decade promises to be explosive.

11. Orion Music Club  21,00 h.
Squartet (I) : concert
Formed in 2004 from members of two Italian almost unknown noise-jazzcore trios, Squartet is a totally unknown jazzcore trio as well. Their sound comes from various sources, from Parker's bebop to Resident's Snakefinger sound deconstruction.


Plastination (I) : concert
The idea of the band was born in the 90's. Its cradle is the faded black, increasingly grey, throbbing streets of Turin and its repressed desire.

and at

Kinokavárna Svět from 16,00 - 24,00
Pam Kray (US) : video installation
Title : MotoManhattan - The Art of Falling
"This work in process is about New York City and its motion. The background seems to move constantly. Individuals move as well: on it, in it, in spite of it, their dance painted on the landscape in places. People and buildings compete in size and strength, equally ephemeral in nature."
This is a multi-media piece, originating in super-8 film and digital video, processed by computer using Final Cut Pro and After Effects, and exhibited in a video format.
(The Art of Falling is also a performance piece with video wash (Motomanhattan) on the dancers. Choreography for 'Art of Falling' by Catherine Hourihan (New York/Sydney).

12. Mural Unveiling and reception at JČE Switching Station at Špitálská street  5 - 7 pm
Tracy Lisk (US) : acrylic and oil-based paint on external wall for a permanent image
Title : Composition

and at

CESTA  9 pm
Second screening from the 4-part film series 'Deliria - The surreal, the absract and the trance-like in horror cinema' curated by Matt Warren (AUS)
Main Feature : "House with Laughing Windows" Dir. Pupi Avati, Italy 1976
Starring Lino Capolicchio, Francesca Marciano
A strange, baffling giallo (Italian murder/mystery), about a house, its clues and secrets.
An art restorer arrives in a small town and tries to uncover a mystery about a painter of frescos and the macabre scenes that they portray. This film has a wonderfully oppressive atmosphere and combines horror with art-house, with a touch of sleaze thrown in. Clues and red herrings are at every twist and turn.
106 mins. Italian Language, Czech subtitles. Please note: a second screening will take place with English subtitles if time and demand permits.

Video Short : "The Obnoxious Parade" Dir. Matt Warren, Germany/Australia 2003
Berlin's "Love Parade" is billed as a celebration of electronic music and the joy of life. I saw it as neither of these things. You may disagree.
5 mins. No dialogue.

House with Laughing Windows

19. CESTA    6 pm
Weekend Guitar Trio (EST) : concert
The Weekend Guitar Trio is a wonderful collaboration of three Estonian guitarists/composers that produce composed and improvised music for electric guitars and live electronics. Their unorthodox sound combines the improvisation of modern jazz and traditional music of various world cultures. Comprised of three unbearably talented musicians, this Trio makes music that crosses the borders of modern jazz, classical, progressive rock and ambience. The three players -- Robert Jürjendal, Tonis Leemets and Mart Soo -- have backgrounds in classical guitar, electronic music and jazz guitar, respectively, and all have forayed into the world of composition.


Elza (UKR) : concert
An eastern frontier band, which mixes classic Residents-flavored punk riffs with beautiful Slavic anger

and at  9 pm

Third screening from the 4-part film series 'Deliria - The surreal, the absract and the trance-like in horror cinema' curated by Matt Warren (AUS)
Main Feature : "Inferno" Dir. Dario Argento, Italy 1980
Starring Irene Miracle, Leigh McClosky, Daria Nicolodi
A psychedelic colored supernatural mystery. Who lives in the house?
Why have these people disappeared? This film is like a brightly colored, illogical nightmare and is well worth going along for the ride. Loosely based on Thomas de Quincey's "Levana and our Ladies of Sorrow", this is the second of the not-yet completed "Three Mothers" trilogy. Argento is often accused for placing style over substance. You be the judge.
107 mins. English language, Czech subtitles.

Video Short : "Giallo" Dir. Matt Warren, Australia 2004
Starring Dianna Graf, Mark Cornelius
An homage to Italian horror/murder mystery films. This short is like an un-resolved opening scene on a loop, yet small details change each time.
3 mins. Italian/Czech language. English subtitles.


26. CESTA  9 pm
Final screening from the 4-part film series 'Deliria - The surreal, the absract and the trance-like in horror cinema' curated by Matt Warren (AUS)
Main Feature : "Short Night of Glass Dolls" Dir. Aldo Lado, Italy 1971
Starring Jean Sorel, Barbara Bach
A combination of political/social statement, giallo, and supernatural thriller, this complex film is labyrinthine and fascinating as a journalist tries to uncover a murderous conspiracy and how he and his girlfriend have become involved. The director has described this film as Kafka-esque and as a consequence set the film in Kafka's hometown of Prague in the early-1970s. It also appears to have been inspired by Ambrose Bierce's "Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" which also inspired films such as "Carnival of Souls" and "Jacobs Ladder". A bleak, unsettling, but absorbing masterpiece.
92 mins. English language, Czech subtitles.

Video Short : "Stoic Rhythms-a 'Krautrock' journey" Dir. Matt Warren, Germany/Australia 2003
Starring Mark Spybey, Damo Suzuki, Renate Knaup
This extended trailer is a glimpse of what's to come of a full documentary about the influential psychedelic rock music that came out of Germany in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
13 mins. English language.

Short Night of Glass Dolls
Short Night of Glass Dolls

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