Friday July 20

16:00 - 19:00

More Collaborations

Sabot and Pam Kray
1980 - 20...

featuring Sabot Pam Kray album cover art, concert posters, live footage at Ladronka shot by Paul Bishow in 1998, and much more.
Fast Forward
VHS and live performance; Spoken word, dance and video; with Hope Clark, Maureen Leak and Jesse X.

First time out of film into video: video as a willing participant in performance.

Motomanhattan/The Art of Falling performance installation
film/dv; 6-minute loop of overlapping content that stood alone as 6-minute that, as a longer piece, accompanied the live Catherine Hourihan 5-dancer performance.

A very collaborative work developed over 3 years; but we worked very individually, perhaps both as choreographers: Catherine with dancers; me with screens.
My Year Without Words
super-8 and live band
my year1my year2

Life, its spectacles and subtexts. Played with Multicide (PL) and Katrin Regelski sculpture in Tábor and Hamburg, Germany in 1996 as part of the CESTA and Fact eV Orient to Occident Hamburg festivals.

July 20


75 min.

The Naïve Years: identifying a body of work

Ghost Sonata
5 min. 16mm

Loosely based on August Strindberg’s play. Tale of house madness. Living together in the same house, driving each other mad.

The Million Heirs
20 min. 16mm

An original story of inheritance and legacy, with a page literally taken out of Marguerite Duras’ story The French Lieutenant’s Woman.

Penis Puppets
12 min. super8
hand-processed by Paul Bishow

Started out as a heterosexual love story acted out by penises. Definitely became something else. Storyline by Bill Kamins.

Piss Mission
9 min. super8

Poetry of piss. An examination of urination as a cultural and poetic phenomenon.

Consenting Children
30 min. super8

Another moving image tribute to personal autonomy. What do we as children of this planet consent to? And what are we told we have to participate in? Virtually without words.