Pam Kray Online information and work:

PAM KRAY is an American film-video and multimedia artist. She has exhibited in the United States and internationally both alone and at festivals, and has collaborated with filmmakers, composers, painters, sculptors, dancers and theater producers. Her works include narrative, experimental and documentary films and videos. Her short film, The Million Heirs, was an award finalist at the Rosebud Festival in 1990. Her video, Mushroom Seekers, premiered in 2002 at Anthology Film Archives in New York, and at the Divadelní Sedmička Festival in Tábor, Czech republic.

Pam has shown other films and videos at the ExGround Festival in Wiesbaden, the Cinema Bastardo Festival in Turin, Video Ex in Zurich, the Peripheral Visions Festival in Tabor, and Reel Venus Film Festival in New York. Her films have been part of the international Super-8 Masters tour. From 2004-07, she collaborated with choreographer Catherine Hourihan on The Art of Falling, a multimedia dance piece that received grant awards for its many forms. Virtually Certain, Pam’s first 3-channel experimental video installation, was exhibited in New York and Reno, Nevada, in 2006. In 2008 and again in 2011, she created video projections for live theater productions.

Even before showing any of her own work, Pam programmed films of other artists. She co-founded the I AM EYE independent film forum in Washington DC, with filmmakers Paul Bishow and Pierre DeVeaux, that existed from 1982 through 1991. She organized programs in San Francisco and New York during the 1990s. In 2003, she organized and presented a series of six international film/video programs in the Czech Republic at CESTA in Tabor, and at FCCA (Center for Contemporary Art) in Prague, and in the U.S. at Anthology Film Archives in New York City.

Since 2009 Pam has sometimes been teaching college classes in Media Criticism and, before that, was newsletter editor (2005-09) for the New York Mycological Society (NYMS), founded by John Cage, another mushroom lover.  She is creating a 3-screen John Cage-mushroom video presentation for a celebration of the NYMS and John Cage later in 2012. Future plans also include development of a multimedia memoir titled, Pam’s Abrasive Teahouse, which will be a movie and an online video game.

Pam Kray lives 90 miles outside New York City, at the edge of the Catskill Mountains.