Saturday July 21

16:00 - 19:00

Gambles and Risks and Getting it All Together

Virtually Certain 2006
5 min. mini-dv

3-channel video loop, some replay of themes in Wanna Bet (2005) and mixed with a discussion of the development of communication and public media in America (and internationally).

I Can Read You Like A Book
online mixed media graphic novella in blog format; work in progress

web address:

A story of a model-turned-photographer (after she steals a camera), a gambler and his young son, a loan shark and a hit man all of whom think they know what is going on, but they are somewhat unclear about the relationships their actions have with each of the other characters. The story is narrated by the gambler’s son, now grown and trying to put the pieces together.


Saturday July 21

75 min.

The Naïve Years: identifying a body of work

Ghost Sonata
5 min. 16mm

Loosely based on August Strindberg’s play. Tale of house madness. Living together in the same house, driving each other mad.

The Million Heirs
20 min. 16mm

An original story of inheritance and legacy, with a page literally taken out of Marguerite Duras’ story The French Lieutenant’s Woman.

Penis Puppets
12 min. super8
hand-processed by Paul Bishow

Started out as a heterosexual love story acted out by penises. Definitely became something else. Storyline by Bill Kamins.

Piss Mission
9 min. super8

Poetry of piss. An examination of urination as a cultural and poetic phenomenon.

Consenting Children
30 min. super8

Another moving image tribute to personal autonomy. What do we as children of this planet consent to? And what are we told we have to participate in? Virtually without words.


Saturday July 21

65 min.

Mushroom (Seekers)
nature, science, study; expanded landscape from my body to the planet. Experimental documentaries.

5 min. (excerpt) super8 handcranked and captured on mini-dv

Vintage super-8 pornography handcranked and shot off super-8 viewer on mini-dv. Looks choppy; images emerge out of a haze—archeology of the porn images in a pseudo-flipbook.

Gone Global
5 min. mini-dv and super8

The globe was breaking and I helped it along. Of course, as the song predicted I would, I miss it.

Mushroom Seekers
55 min. mini-dv

A first-person exploration of the world of wild mushrooms and the people who pick them. Shot in Tábor, CZ; New York and Colorado, U.S.A.; Huautla de Jimenez, Mexico.