Sunday July 22

16:00 - 19:00

The Whole Picture

all galleries on view

Sabot and Pam Kray 1980 - 20...

My Year Without Words 1993
super-8 and live band

Motomanhattan/The Art of Falling performance installation 2007
film/dv; 6-minute loop of overlapping content that stood alone as 6-minute that, as a longer piece, accompanied the live Catherine Hourihan 5-dancer performance.

Fast Forward 1990
VHS and live performance; Spoken word, dance and video; with Hope Clark, Maureen Leak and Jesse X.

Virtually Certain 2006

5 min. mini-dv

I Can Read You Like A Book 2011-2012
online mixed media graphic novella in blog format; work in progress

July 22


40 min.

Still in Love with Fact and Fiction - not necessarily in that order

Sanctuary: Last of the Artists
5 min. mini-dv

Mockumentary on the plight of NYC artists, but oh, it is true.

Six Degrees of High Plains Drifter
14 min. mini-dv

A mash up of the movies: High Plains Drifter (Clint Eastwood) and Six Degrees of Separation (Fred Schepisi) played out in a senior independent living community in Sun City, Arizona.

Essentially a Gambling People
22 min. mini-dv

A little bit of the history and romance of gambling in the U.S. and the relationships, if any, of media to gambling popularity.