Spirit Matters final presentations program

Friday August 26
8 pm
gallery 1A, 1B and Window Gallery
"Standard life / living standard": photography and text
Romana Hagyo (A)
Annette Munk (D)

" Walking around in the 70s suburbs we collected images and asked questions about the relationship between architectural concepts and living conditions. What about the use of provided spaces, the individual desire ? We will show photographic sequences and a collection of thoughts."
ongoing through Saturday & Sunday

8 pm
installations in Gallery 2A & 2B, garden and field
"MONUMENTS" - mixed media: installation performance action text video photography drawing
10 pm
performance in Field
Andrea Lomanto (New York)
Carly Haddon (CAN)
Kevin Greisch (CAN)
Leannej. (CAN)
my name is scot (CAN)
Maria Mitsopoulou (Greece)

A collection of monuments, objects and actions strung together in homage to the monumental, the intangible, and the everyday.
installations ongoing through Saturday

9 pm
Divadlo Jo
"Lifescape" - theater, image projections, music, dance/movement, sculpture installation
Sabine Cordes (D)
Fenja Abraham (CH)
Nada Diachenko (USA)
Antonette Rosato (USA) -objects and installation consultation
Martin Procházka (CZ)

A collage of movement, music, text and images based on the spiritual theme of integration of opposites, leading to oneness.

Saturday August 27

8 pm
Divadlo Jo
"CITYCLYSM" - audio, video, performance
Damian Catera + S/M:
Damian Catera (USA)
Alex ©vamberk (CZ)
Silvia Hromádková (SK)

Multimedia performance examining the inter-relationship between nature and technology.

9 pm
Basement Gallery
Multimedia installation
Andrea Parkins (USA)
Matthew Ostrowski (USA)
Julija Naskova (MK/USA)
Francesco Guaiana (I)

Layers and fragments of language, images, and sound, point to the slippage between objects and meaning through the passage of time. The corporeal world is inevitably silent when we question it for signs of order and meaning, and all that comes back from it are resonances and echoes of our own questions.
ongoing through sunday

10 pm
Starting outside Divadlo Jo
"Clear Mud" - performance sound video, site specific "theatrical installation"
Leslie Ewen ( UK/CAN)
Velcrow Ripper (CAN)
Igor Santizo (Guatemala/CAN)

Clear mud is a performative procession inspired by the alchemical process; the transformation of lead into gold. It traces an individual's archetypal journey through a state of crisis into the awakened translucence of the holy fool.

Sunday August 28
7:30-8:30 pm
Brickhouse, Garden, and Field
"WITHINWITHOUT" - dance, music, visual installation
Paola Carlucci (I)
Vital Rybas (UKR)
Satoko Ouchi (JAP)
Barbara Stimoli (I)

If you get close to a river, stop for awhile - look carefully into the water, maybe you will see a small Vodnik waiting for you . . . Suddenly everything becomes still, your breath comes to an end and your heartbeat stops. Don´t be afraid, the Vodnik will take care of your soul until you are ready to find it again.
special thanks to Natasha Belsito
installation ongoing from Friday to Sunday in the Brickhouse

9 pm
starting outside Gallery 2A
"Please come in, Please wait" - music, film, movement
Thomas Myrmel (USA)
Anat Spiegel (Israel)
Manuela Tessi (I)

You will be required to eat, drink, & sing.