Meet the Artists

presentations of participants' past work

August 10-18
All presentations at CESTA unless otherwise noted
Entrance free

Sunday, August 10  20,00
    Birgit Helene Scheib (Austria) - video

Monday, August 11  20,00
    Carolina Hellsgard (Sweden) - film
    Elisabeth Moll (Germany) - video and images
    Nicholas Manger (Ireland) - slide presentation

Wednesday, August 13  20,00
    Sonja Lebos (Croatia)
    Dominic Gagnon (Canada) - video

Thursday, August 14  20,00
    CZAK (Romania)
    UEH (France) - live concert

Friday, August 15  18,00 "Annual artist exchange at FCCA/Jeleni 9 residency center, Prague"
    Clare Charnley (UK) - video/slides
    Tara Flandreau (USA) - live concert with viola & contrabass (together with George Cremaschi )
    Cute Theory [Madeline Puckette, Casey Basichis] (USA) - live electronics and video
    plus Jeleni 9 resident artists and the anniversary of Radio Jeleni

Saturday, August 16  20,00
    Beth Lisick & Eli Crews (USA) - storytelling/ livemusic

Sunday, August 17  17,00
    Tracy Lisk (USA) - paintings
    Tomoko Kodaka (Japan) - books and paintings
    Anuca Romanta Ion (Romania)

Monday, August 18  20,00
    Matt Warren (Australia) - video
    Eleanor Dubinsky (USA) - performance
    Sue Hajdu (Australia) - discussion with images
    Dinh Q.Le (Vietnam) - discussion with images


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