Festival Program

Thursday, August 22 & Monday, August 26     19,30

Open Public Forum
The public and press are invited to an open discussion about the festival theme and the works with the participants and staff

Saturday, Sunday and Monday, August 24 - 26     12:00
Daily discussions about the previous evening's festival presentations

Friday August 23     19,30

Andreja Andric, Maja Gecic, & Ana Cicovic (YU) + Lynn Pia Pook (F) & Lina Faller (D)
Textile installation including active audience participation
visual, tactile, sound

Lynn Pia Pook (F) & Lina Faller (D)
"Dotýkat se"
Installations with sound and objects

Labvrinthos {Erik Tomasi, Siro Nicolazzi, Marilena Muritori, Silvia Balossi, Dalia Padoa, Soledad Nicolazzi, Matteo Serafin (I), Allison Spector (USA), Ute Niffka (D)}
"LABVRINTHOS: A theatrical and mythological path"     
A physical and mental construction of the Minotaur's labyrinth
theater, performance, live music, photography, slides

Doris Garn & Helga Schmidt (A) + Carl Warwick (GB) {with assistance from Marylise Frecheville (F)}
"violoop in cubeworld"     
In between Antipodes – video and sound, reality and virtuality, there is always one being torn apart. Each of these storytellers is delivering specific content, in contrast to the other
visuals, installation, performance, sound / live-act

Saturday, August 24     19,30

OPA [Slobodanka Stevceska, Denis Saraginovski] (MK) + Margaret Tedesco(USA)
performance / installation

Matthew Ostrowski (USA) + Mariano Wainsztein (AR / IL)
"The Too Late Show"
Interrupted by the breaking news from the mingle feast and documentaries from the mysterious copyright technologies corporation, your two hosts do their best to entertain you as best as they can. Additional music by Snoop D.B.
music, performance, video art

Heike Albrecht & Thomas Achtner (D) + Squall {Tyson Crosby (CAN), Richard O'Connor (IRE) Carl Warwick (GB)}
"Take a Seat"
Do you solemnly swear to see the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth
music, dance performance, video sampling / programming

Sunday, August 25     19,30

Zoey Kroll (USA) + Matthieu Salvetat (F)
"We don´t know we ask"
The point is to start. Starting point is a question. Question starts with movement. Performance, installation
performance / installation

Fritz Welch & Matt Bua (USA) + TIM Group (Milena Ristic, Dusica Parezanovic, Ivana Gutesa, Tijana Dinic) (YU) + Eric Boros (CAN)
"Die in Solitude"     
Hands Up Everybody! America and England don't have it so good!
installation with video and sound

AT Branko Krsmanovic {Goran Cvetković, Snežana Trišić, Predrag Radovančević, Sladjana Mikić, Ana Jovanović, Verica Vučković, Jovan Jović, Mladen Milenković} (YU) + The Legendary Poptones {Ivo Vladimirov, Milo Milov, Evguenia Jdrakova, Bobi Galoboshev} (BG)
"The Responsibility"     
The play is connected to the last (?) war in the Balkans. It has been ended - but not finished! Whose responsibility was there? How have we helped the war? Where is our responsibility?
theater, music

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